GB3TX – Watch this space

GB3TX – Watch this space

As requested by many operators, we have started the ball rolling!

4 thoughts on “GB3TX – Watch this space

  1. Hi James
    Nice one mate.I take it to be a normal 10m repeater.
    If i can be any help drop me a line.
    What tx rx setup and antenna’s.
    Will it be over 2 sites or are you linking via internet ?

    1. Hi Andy, Good to hear from you.

      Hope all is well your side? I see you’ve got your node back! Would be great to chat on air sometime.

      That’s very kind and I’ll be in touch some point in the build.

      It will be a normal 10M repeater with Allstar/Echolink connectivity.

      The sites will be split and connected via Allstar, with minimal audio delay.

      Kind Regards
      James M0ZAH

  2. James just to say many thanks for all the work you have done to establish these repeaters, as a regular user I am enjoying talking to others not only via the highest but also when scholium is connected. Even though I am not really into digital modes of computers I forgive myself as I am accessing the network via my radios. Reminds me very much of when I was first licensed back in the early 80s when you were guaranteed to get a contact on the local repeater. Great work and thanks also to the other people in other parts of the country for establishing this system

    Rodney Hoffman G0CBO

    1. Hi Rod,

      Thank you very much for the kind comments. That makes all the hard work worth while.
      I’m currently improving the system by migrating over to Allstar (much better audio). GB3JC is now on Allstar and Echolink. GB3NZ to follow.

      Kind Regards
      James M0ZAH

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