GB3NZ – Update

Hi All,

GB3NZ has been performing normally on the work bench. I’ve been travelling on business, so little time to put the unit back on site. I hope to return the unit at the weekend.

GB3NZ – Maintenance

GB3NZ is currently on my work bench. I’m trying to replicate the issues we’ve had on site. It appears the problem has disappeared since arriving to the work shop.

Please check back for updates.

GB3NZ – Receiver issues

I’m afraid there is indeed something not right with GB3NZ receiver. After using the system for the past few days, I’ve noticed the receiver drops out intermittently. I don’t believe this is local interference, rather an issue with the hardware.

The repeater is still on air at the moment, you may notice some drop-outs when using the system. I will arrange to take the system out of service to investigate further.

GB3NZ – On Air

After sometime off, GB3NZ returns to service. While we did not find the exact cause of issue, it is believed local interference may have had a role.
We will continue to monitor the system.
Thank you to all for your patience.

GB7DS – Network Connected!

Hi All,

A big shout out to Paul at Phoenix today. We’ve found the repeater was using redundant network details. After the IP and port was updated the GB7DS has reconnected.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

GB7DS – Network issues

GB7DS – Network issues

Hi All,

I’m aware that GB7DS has had Network issues since early October. I’ve been to site twice and am still unable to find the cause for the outage. Other services on site continue to work as normal. I plan to take the repeater out of service for further investigation. I appreciate users for their patience.