GB7DS – Network issues

GB7DS – Network issues

Hi All,

I’m aware that GB7DS has had Network issues since early October. I’ve been to site twice and am still unable to find the cause for the outage. Other services on site continue to work as normal. I plan to take the repeater out of service for further investigation. I appreciate users for their patience.

AllStarLink – Expanding & HubNetwork

AllStarLink – Expanding & HubNetwork

I’ve been rather busy of the last couple of days. Firstly may I say a big thanks to Steve M0HOY who runs the HubNetwork in the UK. It’s important to note that Peter G7RPG, Steve M0HOY and Stuart M0WTX have really promoted the network. We’ve seen an increase in local activity since the launch of GB3NZ, thus proving; activity breeds activity!

So a big thank you to everyone that runs the network. If I’ve missed anyone out, please comment below and I will happily update this post!

We are receiving very positive comments from local users, thank you for the feedback.

A new server has launched (NODE 2410), this will allow expanding and promotion of the network. You can view the status board here:



New Forum for Repeater & Simplex Keepers and Users

New Forum for Repeater & Simplex Keepers and Users

On Saturday, I launched the forum. This forum is for both Sysops and users, the aim is to bring the community together. It’s a virtual pub, you’ll need to bring your own beer!

Come join in the discussion. All users are welcome!

GB3JC – Allstar Link

GB3JC – Allstar Link

Today I received the sound cards with the CM108AH chip & G7RPG modifications. GB3JC is now connected to Allstar with node number: 49025. I will shortly post the Allstar commands as these are different from standard EchoLink codes. It’s important to remember that we still have EchoLink on GB3JC, we now have the best of both worlds.

You can check the node status here: GB3JC NODE STATS

G7RPG Kind Donation


Peter G7RPG has very kindly donated a few modified USB audio devices that utilise the CM108 chipset. This is a very kind donation as it means we can move to Allstar for linking. Don’t worry EchoLink users, we will also have Echolinking enabled.

I’ll post shortly explaining the reasons to move over to Allstar (Asterisk) based linking.

GB3JC – GB3NZ linking

Elinx system

I’m happy to report GB3JC-NZ are linked together permanently via a remote server running SVXLink. We have a 10M application in for GB3TX, this will also join the permanent link system.

Operators can now check their transceivers by listening to the other repeater.

We are currently looking into a blanket callsign as the system is essentially one.

Here is GB3NZ with the homebrew SVXLink interface card.