GB3JC – Antenna

GB3JC – Antenna switch over

For a long time GB3JC has been using my Diamond X50 antenna. While this works and performs rather well, I would like to use the X50 for the shack. The answer? Use the UHF J-Pole I constructed back in March. It works great inside the loft but that’s no good for a repeater! I need to mount the J-Pole outside, somewhere in the clear! I can’t really add another bracket to the house.

So… I constructed a stand off bracket to fit the existing pole.

GB7DS – Network

GB7DS – Network

GB7DS is currently not connected to the internet. The site owner has changed ISP’s and we will need to visit to reinstate the connection. This will be complete ASAP.

DTMF Controller

It works!

After a lot of playing around with code and many cups of tea. I have finally managed to establish the DTMF routine. On first boot the controller keys the transmitter until a new PIN is set. Once the PIN is set, a reboot will ensure the controller stored the password. Here is a short video showing the DTMF password setup. Sorry about the camera, I don’t own a tripod!